Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Strapped for Space? Consider a Fold-up Murphy Bed from Roberts!

When Hampton Roads households need a roomy queen bed to stretch out on but have limited floor space, Roberts Furniture & Mattress has a classic solution you might not have thought of. Murphy beds that fold into the wall when not in use are an economical and attractive solution for many homes. They’re not just in the movies. They could be JUST what you’re looking for!


Kinds of Murphy Beds

Bi-Fold: Perpendicular to the wall when open, these Murphy beds swing up into specially made cabinets to stow the mattress in the morning. Just slide the doors out of the way and up goes the bed. Push the doors shut, securing the mattress for the day or until you next need it, and voila! It’s as if a bed was never there! Mattresses can be up to 11 inches thick and still work on a bi-fold Murphy bed.

Flip-Up Desk Beds: Imagine a home office or study nook and bed rolled into one. That’s the beauty and economy of space that a flip-up desk Murphy bed affords you. These mattresses unfold parallel to the wall, leaving an optional desktop you can use during the day. Many flip-up Murphy beds also feature shelves.

Murphy Bunk Beds: Your littlest roomies might enjoy the adventure of sharing a Murphy bunk bed, twin or full hideaway beds! Like the flip-top desk beds, these can run parallel to the wall, lengthwise, or like other bunks be freestanding, just folding up to stay out of the way during the day.

Library Murphy Beds: These folding beds are like the bi-fold Murphy beds only the sliding doors have bookcases in them, a perfect hide-a-bed for your home office or study, or when you have surprise overnight guests.


Why a Murphy Bed Might Be for You

Famously, Murphy beds free up your floor space. When it’s not in use, simply stow it by folding it into the wall, into its case. It also empowers you to make your bedroom multipurpose as an office or even workout space in the daytime! If you put your Murphy bed in a guest room, you’ve got that much more storage space when you don’t have company staying overnight.

These Murphy-bed options can be YOURS for less if you shop smart with us! Go to robertsfurniture.com.