Thursday, April 19, 2018

Design Inspiration: Living Without a Sofa

We know what you’re thinking—“What’s a living room without the sofa?” But hear us out. In some cases, a sofa can make a living room feel crowded, or worse, uninviting. Some layouts simply don’t accommodate a big three-seater. Considering that most homeowners arrange their furniture around the television (in houses built before the tube was a major fixture), awkward placement of sofas has become commonplace.

If you have this problem, or you simply want a fresh interior, read our design tips on the many ways you can live without a sofa.

 living room armchair

Armchair Army

Versatility is the name of the game when furnishing your living room sans sofa. A collection of armchairs opens up your space, and provides greater flexibility in regards to positioning and organization. Plus, with a living room chair for each person to call their own, it eliminates the potential for your guests to accidentally bump elbows, or get stuck in the middle seat.

orange living room armchair

Gathering two to four matching armchairs gives your interior a sense of unity. Fabric upholstery in neutral colors also allows you to inject color into your design scheme through the use of vibrant accent pillows, while patterned area rugs can lend texture.

turquoise armless accent chair

Throw in one or two armless accent chairs to keep your living room from becoming monotonous, again in neutral colors to allow your lighting to really glow in the room.

blue living room recliner

And of course, no living room is complete without a classic recliner. Try to find one that has a wood grain that is similar to the feet of your armchairs, to maintain visual harmony.

 tufted gray loveseat

Loveseats Are for Lovers

Two-cushion loveseats are never a bad idea. They take up less space than a full sofa, and are more than appropriate for snuggling with your sweetheart while watching a movie, or simply enjoying each other’s company. Remember to be consistent with your color choices. Similar tufting to your other chairs will also lend to the room’s synchronicity.

 Victorian-style chaise

Chaise the Dream

Perhaps the most obvious drawback to not having a couch is the lack of lounge seating. Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon nap on the sofa? However, with a low-profile chaise, not only do you keep your living room unobstructed, you also get all the benefits of lazy Sundays.

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