Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Look at Leather Furniture Pros and Cons for Your Home

When you see the variety of styles and textures of the leather furniture popular at Roberts, you might wonder if this time-honored tradition in upholstery is for you and your household. Below are some pros and cons to consider. Leather furniture might not be what you think. You may be pleasantly surprised. Or after some deliberation you might conclude fabric upholstery for your living room furniture is the better way to go.

leather sofa

Some Leather Furniture Advantages

You might be in love with that leather power recliner on the showroom floor. Here are a few reasons this upholstery choice isn’t a luxury but eminently practical. Leather has been a favorite material since pre-history because it WORKS. It LASTS. A leather chair will last up to FOUR TIMES longer than one clothed in imitation leather! Leather is actually relatively easy to maintain. With fabric sofas, you need to “strip them down” to give the upholstery a wash now and then. With your leather loveseat, just wipe the leather with mild soap and water, and apply leather conditioning cream regularly, say, every four months, to keep it from drying out. Like a favorite bomber jacket, your leather sofa can last longer than a lifetime if properly cared for. That’s right: your new leather furniture can become heirlooms. Worried about scratches? Don’t. With a bit of cream or polish, such blemishes come right out of this thick, tough upholstery. Spills likewise are no biggie. Wipe it off and you’re good to go. Ditto pet hair. And what’s even more appealing is leather doesn’t start to smell, unlike fabric.

leather chair

A Few Leather Furniture Drawbacks

Okay, let’s talk price: leather furniture is a costlier initial outlay because you are buying superior quality. If you have young children or large pets, you don’t want them jumping on your new leather sectional while a sofa made of fabric cushions might be more tolerant of this (ab)use. If the room is subject to extremes in temperature, you might find the feel of leather furniture too cold in winter and hot in summer.

Whether your heart is set on supple, rich leather furniture or not, our Hampton, VA store and other Roberts locations are ready to serve you with high-end selection at the most competitive prices.