Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Updating Your Bedroom Decor for the Autumn of 2018

As we escape the summer season, having sweltered under heat waves, near-constant clouds and rain, we here at Roberts Furniture & Mattress can safely say we’re happy to be entering the autumn again. Autumn for our family is all about the falling of the leaves and the coolness in the air—memories of Halloween, pumpkin picking and, of course, fall-styled decor!

In honor of the autumn season, we think now is the perfect moment to adjust to the fall inside of your most personal of living spaces: your bedroom. Since you begin and end your days inside of your bedroom, redecorating with new bedroom furniture can help you transition into the second-to-last season of 2018, full of style and confidence!

 Queen bed with headboard

King or Queen, You Need a Headboard for Your Bed

If you’re familiar with the latest trends in bedroom decor, then you know that pairing headboards with bedframes is, by now, practically a law of interior decorating. With a new headboard, it is so easy to inject classic or contemporary style into your bedroom, without overwhelming the space unnecessarily. As far as clean and understated elegance goes, a full panel headboard does this effortlessly.

 Mirrored dresser

Admire Yourself in a Vintage or Modern Bedroom Mirror

Having persevered through two thirds of the year, you deserve a chance to admire your face in the mirror now and then. Instead of marching from your bedroom to the bathroom to do this, get yourself a matching bedroom mirror. Beyond being practical, a bedroom mirror bounces light off the rest of your bedroom decor—vastly enhancing the atmosphere of the space. You’ll probably also appreciate the beauty and detail incarnate in our favorite pieces and collections.

Six-drawer dresser

A Dresser Drawer Will Reorganize All Your Autumn Wear

While we guess that you already own a dresser drawer in your bedroom, who knows how much you utilize it, or how organized you keep it. With the intention of updating your decor, and sense of style, why not reevaluate your bedroom dresser as well? We think there’s nothing quite as grand or as graceful as a piece of bedroom furniture that alludes to the Old World, at the side of your nightstand or mirror.  

We invite you to transition into the fall, by taking advantage of discounts at our furniture store in Hampton, Virginia.