Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fun with Feng Shui for Peaceful Interior Design

The Chinese philosophy of arranging items in your home for good results is named feng shui, pronounced “fung shway.” According to this belief system, rules for object placement maximize cosmic energy, called chi. Whether you believe this premise or not, its results are loved by designers and homeowners around the world. So for this blog post we at Roberts Furniture & Mattress will apply this idea to some furniture in the Hampton Roads area to give you ideas to add some life to your decor.

 living room sectional sofa

The Feng Shui Living Room

According to feng shui, energy is masculine (yang) or feminine (yin). Living rooms use masculine energy because they are so active with new people and conversational buzz. To make the most of the yang circulating in this room, proper placement of your living room sofa is important. Have a wall behind it and place it strategically in the “command position” so that sitting on it you can see the door. However, do not have it directly facing the door. This can get tricky! Because you want to turn up the energy in your living room, it ought to be one of your home’s brighter rooms. Ideally this should be sunlight but artificial light will do in a pinch. Beware mirrors: even if they’re not broken they’re bad luck here! However, potted plants draw good chi into your living room. Finally, try to configure your living room furniture so that it has “four corners,” so arrange it in a square or rectangular fashion. According to feng shui, this attracts good people.

 home office desk

Successful Home Office Feng Shui

Everybody works in the hope of succeeding, and feng shui principles are here to help with arranging your home office furniture to do just that. First, pick decor that pumps you up, making you feel successful. Place your desk in the command position. Try not have it facing a wall! The south side of the room has fire as its feng shui element, which governs fame and reputation, so fan those flames with warm colors such as yellows. Cool colors are bad for your home office. The southeast corner should have a theme of abundance!

Feng shui promises gradual change as you apply it. For your home furniture and accents, stop by our Hampton, VA store or any of our other state locations.

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